Originating from a maritime orientated family, Ronald John Pace founded the company on the 17th March 1967.


Ship To Ship Transfers

Ronasons is also involved in ship to ship transfers for both OPL Malta and inside Maltese harbours. We stock a large variety of yokohama type fenders and ancillary equipment for such ship to ship operations which are available on ‘rental’ basis.

Offshore Operations

Offshore operations (OPL) at Malta were initiated by Ronasons Shipping Agency and are nowadays getting even stronger as time goes by. A quick turnaround is of utmost importance to our Principals and The Shipowners, besides savings on the port costs which are not applicable.

Chevron Global Marine Products Oil Barrels

In September 2005, Ronasons secured the representation of CHEVRON GLOBAL MARINE PRODUCTS (formerly called FAMM within CHEVRON TEXACO), a reputable worldwide supplier of lubricating oils. These oils are supplied at all Maltese ports and to passing vessels OPL Malta.

Active Bunker Company

As part of the shipping agency activities Ronasons have been very heavily involved in the bunkering sector, and one could say that we are the most active bunker company in Malta.
  • One of the leading shipping agencies in Malta

  • Handles over 1000 vessels annually

  • Actively involved in the recruitment of Ships crews originating from Malta

  • Ship crews employed on foreign flagged vessels trading worldwide

How we got started

Primarily, Ronasons Shipping Agency was very actively involved in the recruitment of ship crews originating from Malta and employed on foreign flagged vessels trading worldwide, as this trade was very much sought after due to the experience Maltese seafarers had at the time, having worked with the Royal Fleet Auxiliary vessels. As time went by Ronasons expanded dramatically in the shipping agency sector and is now considered as one of the leading shipping agencies in Malta, representing a vast number of international shipowners and handling over 1000 vessels annually that call at Maltese ports and also for OPL Malta.

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